Over the past decade, efforts have intensified to better understand the role mitochondria and mitochondrial biogenesis play in disease pathology. Under normal conditions, mitochondria naturally wear out over the course of a few weeks and are replaced through a process called mitochondrial biogenesis. As part of the aging process, mitochondrial replacement is muted, and, in certain diseases, this depletion is rapidly accelerated. Historically, exercise and fasting were the only known methods shown to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis and to slow or reverse the decline in mitochondrial function in aging and disease.

Epirium scientists are significantly contributing to the advancement of the tissue bioenergetics field through their unique insights related to the biology of mitochondrial biogenesis and function and its coupling with tissue regeneration. These insights have led to the discovery of a novel pharmacological approach for the treatment of diseases characterized by mitochondrial depletion and dysfunction. Proof of concept has been established in early human studies and Epirium intends to advance its clinical candidate next year, first as a potential treatment for certain relevant rare diseases with high unmet need; subsequently, we are planning to expand into large market conditions.

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