Epirium Bio, a biopharmaceutical company based in San Diego, is developing a small molecule platform targeting improvements in muscle strength, tissue regeneration and mitochondrial function Although our focus is on muscle and neuromuscular diseases, we have encouraging data in non-muscle indications, highlighting the biological relevance of our unique molecular mechanism of action in attenuating the deleterious effects related to cellular stress & tissue degeneration that underlies many seemingly disparate diseases.
We have identified and established an IP-protected platform of small molecules that constitute a new class of therapeutics with the potential to stimulate muscle stem cell differentiation, improve muscle quality and function, and enhance mitochondrial function. 

Addressing Unmet Medical Need in Muscle Disease

Targeting PGE2 to enhance muscle function and promote muscle regeneration

  • 4Optimal treatment modalitySmall molecule platform, leveraging multiple IP protected chemical scaffolds
  • 3Broad clinical applicability “Best in Class” neuromuscular platform targeting indications with significant unmet needs
  • 2Unique platform, significant competitive advantageStrong IP portfolio with “white space” therapeutic opportunity creating muscle rejuvenation and reversing muscle atrophy
  • 1Novel MOA Inhibiting 15-PGDH, the enzyme inactivating PGE2, increases PGE2 to enhance muscle function and regeneration

Our Science